Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Small President's Day Activity

My teacher BFF and I talked this evening about how tired we are. :( So, putting together activities for this week was tough. She had a great idea to do a vote for me writing activity and I love it. Simple, and I need to get my kids writing more. I figured making a week long persuasive writing mini-unit will be great! I will start with reading the book "So You Want to be President?" by Judith St. George. 
Then we will discuss what it means to be president and the qualifications to be president. After, we will do our writing web on why someone should vote for them.
I made this piece of paper to put the final writing on:

I did this last year in second grade, and my kids had to make a poster and some of them even made treats with vote for me on them! It was just too cute! The best part was they didn't even have to do that. :)

We also voted :)

Awww...second grade memories!

If you have the day off, I am jealous! Happy President's Day!
Ms. Thomas :)

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what a great activity! thanks for sharing:)


Ms. Thomas

thanks for sharing your blog with me Lindsey!
-Ms. Thomas

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