Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seven RANDOM Facts about Moi

Thanks Gladys over at Teaching in High Heels! (I love the name of that blog!) She tagged me for checking out my blog! That makes me sooo happy!
Here are my seven VERY random facts!

1. I still love stuffed animals...haha. I know it is such the kid in me. I recently bought the peas in a pod from Toy Story 3. I couldn't live without them, and they are just so cute. I cuddle with them every night. 
2. I have two passports! I was born in Wales and then moved here so I have two now. I actually need to renew my British one, because I am going in May! Cannot wait!
3. I LOVE soft drinks. I know they are bad, but if you are a teacher it is just neccessary to have a Dr. Pepper around 1:00 pm. 
4. I am addicted to online shopping. I just find it so much easier than going to the store. I find the best things from forever 21 online than in the store, and when the J.Crew factory opens up on the weekends..I cannot help myself. 
5. I watch law and order:svu to the point where I have seen every episode. I secretly wish I was a detective. 
6. I really want to be a reading specialist on an elementary school campus. 
7. I love purses....I will be soon purchasing my first Louis Vuitton. I have been saving for years....I cannot wait to have that little guy in my hands. 

Okay, I said they were random!
Here are the blogs I love to stalk all day every day...:)

I know most of y'all have been tagged, but it is because you are so awesome!

Ms. Thomas :)

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