Friday, April 27, 2012

News, updates, and me on a horse!

Hello!! Sorry I have been MIA for a bit! I have been running around (not really) studying for an ESL test and getting grad school stuff done. blah. 
Which leads to my exciting news....
I got a job back in the LONE STAR STATE! Dallas to be exact! I was *lucky* enough to get to meet with an amazing school, and now will be teaching with them. I am BEYOND excited. It is also means this sister is going back home! Kindergarten! Luckily I have all these amazing bloggers for amazing ideas!

In other news, here are some things the kiddos have been doing...
We used adjectives to describe S'MORES! Yum!

Great pack from Mrs. Bainbridge
We also hit up my favorite guy... Pete the Cat! I have been looking for an excuse to use this book. Our skill was cause and effect and I told my sister from another mister (Ms. Simoneaux) Pete the Cat!

stepped in gummy bears, and had rainbow shoes!

I love my new shoes, I love my new shoes....maybe I was digging on Pete because I was singing it about these bad boys:

I wore those puppies all day today....and then this happened:

A child in another class had their Dad bring their horse....and who was first on? ME. In five inch wedges. Yep, I am a pretty cool chick. My kids were enthralled. 

Happy Friday!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taxes booo! Sale yay!

I am joining everyone else today and throwing a little sale! Why not? Everything is 15% off! Click below to see my store, and I am about to see if all the things on my wishlist are up for grabs!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I love me some Olivia and a new unit!

Y'all I think my daughter's name may have to be Olivia. I love it regardless, but after reading Olivia again I realize how much I love that character. She is one sassy sister. 
Luckily this fabulous story is in our reader, and the skill is fantasy vs. reality with it. We made these littles again courtesy of Leslie Ann at Life in First Grade

And finally I have a new unit! I seriously don't know how some of y'all pump these things out. I seriously agonize over these things. But, I posted about this recently and have been trying to make this bad boy since then. So without further ado...

Yay! Click on the picture to see it! It has two brainstorming pages, a pre-write, a sloppy copy, a final copy, and a craftivity!

I also have exciting news....I am waiting until it is all official with some certification things to announce. Which makes me ask, anyone have tips on supplemental ESL certification? 

blog love :)