Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting there!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I did for sure! Mainly because I am going to be a pug mommy!
I met her on Saturday and get to bring her home on this coming Saturday! I am so excited! I have been waiting for YEARS to get my own pug. My family has two (three for a while) and I love them. They have such a great personality, and I need some good company here in Texas! So, this is my new BFF, Penny!

Besides puppy news, I got in my classroom and today and got some stuff done! I really wonder how I got my room done before without my mother. She is such an amazing help, and she is a children's librarian so she has great ideas! 
So, I got the walls all done with fabric, and what not. Please excuse any mess you see in these photos, it is still a work in progress!
My "Born Wild" birthday board

My board to hang fun things! It is tiger print of course.

Reading jungle! Do you like those leopard print curtains? I have plans for a big tree in that corner.

Three back walls. I LOVE that I can staple in this wall.

Front of the room. This is where our class names will go and storage for supplies.

And, the palm tree is back up!
These jungle themed behavior signs are in my TPT store!

I am up there for the rest of the week getting everything else organized. I am about to get some signs for the room done while laying in bed. Be on the lookout for some WBT rule signs!

Also, she will kill me but I LOVE this picture of me and Morgan at her WEDDING! She looked drop dead gorgeous and it was such a great time! Congrats muffin! More info on our blog coming soon!

Happy Sunday!

Monday, July 16, 2012

So fresh and clean classroom!

I got into my classroom today! And this is not just exciting because "yay it is time to start decorating", it's because it is a NEW classroom! Woohoo!
Here it is:
built in cubbies? YES please!

So big, and the Texas flag makes me smile

Bathroom inside the classroom and a HUGE window!
So now I am ready to start decorating! My teacher biffle Morgan wrote an amazing post on decorating a classroom. She really is good at it, I was so envious of her and her cute post-it note mock-up last year. I am organized, but also a mess. Ha. It is true. I am trying to take it one step at a time for this classroom. 
I am keeping my jungle theme! I am super excited because I just got leopard print curtains. swoon. 

I thought I would share these photos so you can see what a difference I made! 
So, now you tell me what do you plan on doing with your classroom this year, that you didn't last year?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Updates and a Sale!

I have been sooo ignoring blogging. Please forgive me! My life has been nuts the last week or so! I moved from Baton Rouge to Dallas!! It was a whirlwind, and now finally the last box is unpacked and I now have to decorate!
So needless to say, my mind has not been on school and my classroom. :( Here are some things coming up though that I plan to accomplish: 
1. A new blog!!! Ms. Simoneaux and I are starting a little blog together!! Since we won't be next door anymore, we just had to have something to keep connected as if we are! The design is almost finalized and then we will be launching it! Check back here or at First Grade Fresh to see it! We have some things planned, like Fashion Friday (a way to show everyone that teachers can be fashionable, and that Morgan and I spend our money way too much). 
2. I am decorating a new classroom! I can't wait to put updates of the progress and how it comes along. 
3. I am in talks with a fun teacher company to do some product reviews, and to maybe give stuff away! :)
4. I am working on a few TpT things! FINALLY. I have a fun welcome to kindergarten pack planned! 

So, quite a few things coming up! 

Since I have been so MIA, EVERYTHING in my TpT store is on sale! 20% off until Thursday! 
If you have a jungle themed classroom check these out that I posted towards the end of the school year:

My TpT store:

Happy Tuesday!! Hope your July 4th is full of fireworks and BBQ!