Monday, February 21, 2011

Random Monday things!

I am random today....I figured I would share these two random things with all of you!
First, I made a pretty cute anchor chart today, if I do say so myself! HA. We have been talking about inferences so much lately, and thanks to fab teachers (Babbling Abby) my kids are really getting it!
Here is inference boy!

I also have had this one for a while, because he sneaks up on first grade a lot!

AND the second random thing....we start money tomorrow! I just made my bubble maps using Cara Carroll's idea! Those are darling and I already have all my money anchor charts done! This makes me happy! AND one of my good friends Meg (I love her for what she sang to me the other day) told me or rather sang me a song she learned in grade school to help remember coins! I typed it up, and I wish there was a way I could sing it for you?! I guess make up your own tune? or it can work as a poem!


-Ms. Thomas :)

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