Monday, January 28, 2013

Tweet! Tweet!

We were told at the beginning of school to take on some sort of web 2.0 tools for the school year. Well I was like "I want my kids to tweet!" One of my graduate professors had shown me this awesome video of a class in New York that tweeted every morning to practice their writing skills. I was just waiting on a class to do it! I waited until now to get our writing skills up to awesome and coming back from break I could tell they were ready. :)
So, here is how we tweet in the treetop...

First, we check out twitter home and check what the other kinder classes may have tweeted. They love this part because they usually want to respond to them. Today we asked a class what they do in their writers celebration. They can't wait to hear about it! 
 When they come in after they unpack they go and grab a "tweet! tweet!" paper. I explained about what they could write about, and how they should. We discussed for some time how we should only use "we" and "our" . :) They write their tweet and put it in the basket.
 After they have them all turned in I pick one randomly out of the basket. They we "fix it up!" I take a blue pen and I ask them what we could do to make the tweet better. They like this part. I made it a fun, positive thing that we fix our writing.
 After we fix the tweet, I have the student who it belongs to, to read the tweet out loud while I type it on the computer. The rest of the class watches and I sometimes make mistakes on purpose to make sure they are paying attention. :)
 Last, that student hits tweet! They love seeing it pop up on the side bar! 

Since I don't want the other student's tweets to go unread, we read all of them together. I put each one under the doc camera and then they read them. That way no one feels like their tweet isn't up there. 

I am loving this so far. I can tell they are enjoying it and it is another sneaky way I have made them practice writing during the day! {mwah, mwah!} 

If you are tweeting from your room we would love to tweet with you! 
Our class is:


Also, I want to give a shoutout to a fabulous new blogger! She was in my classes in grad school and then she came and helped out at my old school and now she has a class of her own! Her blog is ten kinds of adorable. She also has a cute TPT shop with a new Valentine's unit that is so cute!
Check her out! {how cute is that blog name?}

Monday, January 7, 2013

I finally made something new for TPT!

And the crowd goes wild!! HA. Maybe not, but I am pretty excited that I FINALLY had the motivation to make something on TPT. To be honest, I have been using all of your stuff and it is all so great I wasn't needing to make anything new! {will that work?}

A couple weeks ago we introduced two word families and my kiddos really loved it. I decided to make this little activity to put in a word work station to reinforce the skills. They match up the letter with the picture to make the correct word. I am pretty excited about it, can you tell? :)
Now go and check it out!
O and I am watching this championship game right now, {yawn}, and if you read my blog you know I am not that into it because I cheer for another team...first two to comment with what two colors I bleed get this newest creation FREE!! Don't forget your email! :)