Sunday, July 31, 2011

The yearly Wal-Mart trip occured!

I have been gone for a while, I know. I was at the beach! Huge bummer though, it rained for most of the trip. :( It was still lovely to spend time with my parents and sisters!
The manfriend and my Daddy
Little seester and I

                                  Now to the teacher stuff!

I made my annual pilgrimage to Wal-Mart today. Also known as: My total is what?!? (which did in fact take place) I guess I think I am being smart about what I am buying then all of sudden this is in your cart:
But let me tell you, this thing is Ah. May. Zing. I played with it already, I couldn't help myself. I laminated some of the things I have been making non-stop:

These will be going on my take to your seat workstations. 

I also stopped by Sarah Cooley's lovely teacher blog, and saw her awesome behavior catalog! I tell you sister, I struggle every year keeping up with my little "treasure chest". I never have it updated in time, and then I always forget to pull the names for the raffle. Really, I feel bad for my kids because they deserve it. I love her idea of using simple rewards that are FREE and will motivate. Sarah couldn't upload hers because of the commerical license stuff, so I made my own like she suggested! I called mine "Top Banana Behavior Catalog" keeping with the jungle theme.

I also made punch cards like she said she had for me to keep up with! Each student will get a card and when they do something awesome or go above an A+, they will get a punch. When they get all 15 they pick something from the catalog! I can't wait to see how it goes, I wonder which one will be most popular?
I can't wait to pass these out! Love making these for FREE!

I get in my classroom tomorrow. Yes, it is just over a week till school starts. Yes, I am sort of getting worried. I am going to be a girl on a mission tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Starting to get things made!

So, reading everyone's blogs lately inspired me to start making all those signs for the room. I was already working on something new for behavior, then I saw Babbling Abby's adorable behavior chart and was inspired to finish mine! Thanks lady!
I just finished it after getting the clipart I wanted! I like it ALOT! I plan on posting the signs on a large palm tree cutout, and having the awesome behavior signs at the top with the branches and the others down at the bottom. Then, my kids will move their clips to each sign. There are enough signs for A+, A-, B, C, D, and F if you use letter grades. I also included the top sign for those awesome kids in the room. I cannot wait to get in my room and get this done! Pictures will come soon! Here are the signs, I know not everyone can use them BUT if you have a jungle themed classroom take a peek!

Also, my speech to the grad school class went AMAZING! It was such a great experience...who knows maybe one day I will be a professor?? 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting nervous...

I am very nervous today. I have to present a project this week, and my advisor for grad school asked ME to speak to her class about the daily five?!?! I am still in shock about it. I have to stand in front of a large class of grad students and lecture?? There is a reason I teach babies. :)

But, I am excited to do it because I am so passionate about the daily five especially the read to self component. I forgot to post this but I tallied up all the books we read in our classroom this year and my students (18 of them) read almost 500 books since October!!!!! I beamed, smiled, danced, and screamed with excitement! I am telling you if you have not read this book yet...please go and get it! My students turned into independent readers this year, and I can only think it is because of the sisters!

 To move on with the nervousness, everyone is putting up photos of their classrooms being decorated, and I haven't even started yet. :( We have summer school still going on which is awesome for those kids, but no good for me. AND I could go in next week, but my family and I are going to the beach. Which I would not miss for the world! So, stay tuned for the photos everyday when I get the whole room done in 1 week.....the challenge begins!