Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Heart Debbie Diller

 I posted this a while ago, but with Mrs. Patton's Linky party going on I thought I would re-post it!!

This past summer, my teacher BFF and I traveled to Houston for a conference to see our idol....Debbie Diller! She is the writer of Literacy Workstations, and a bunch of other AMAZING books. Y'all we sat a table away from her on the lunch break and you would of thought we saw Justin Bieber. 
Anyway, she is just great and her workstations are so amazing. I LOVE that I don't have to switch stuff around all the time. I mean really who has time for that? Here are some pics of my kids in them:
computer workstation

word wall workstation

abc/ word work


pocket chart

buddy reading

more pocket chart

word wall

 My kids just love them, and it makes meeting with small groups much easier!

A key part to Debbie Diller's awesomeness is that she makes an "I Can" list at each station. It is list of all the things they can do while there. I recently just had small papers up with only words that we listed the first few weeks. BUT, I just made beautiful posters (if I do say so myself!) that have pictures and words! They are on TPT, so go and check them out! All you gotta do is print, post, and model! 

Ms. Thomas :)

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