Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did I mention I tend to be random?

So where ever you may be, you may not understand BUT it is almost MARDI GRAS!!! 
Seriously y'all I am so excited! I am going to ball this year and I can hardly wait! 

In prep, we have been talking about the holiday and whatnot and then I realized that Dr. Seuss's birthday is the same week before! So, I had to get creative and I came up with an activity to tie it all together. Here is what I got:

What if the cat in the hat went to a Mardi Gras parade?

My kids loved it! 

We read the book first, and then did brainstorming about what he could get up to. They said jump on a float, catch beads, join the marching band, etc. Then, we took all of our ideas and did a writing web. We finished our sloppy copy today and will be putting our final draft on this tomorrow:

We also are making the cat out of construction paper and putting him in a Mardi Gras mask! Pictures will come tomorrow. I cannot wait to see how it turns out! I know not everyone can do this since Mardi Gras is usually celebrated hardcore only down here, but it could be a fun way to incorporate celebrations around the world. A little Social Studies never hurt anyone right?! :)

Also, since I am random I also made this yesterday. It is a quick reference guide for my students with money. I had them color the coins, and fill in the blanks. They cut and I stapled it together in little book. This way they always have it with them. They have been bringing it to small math groups!

Enjoy! Thanks for letting me be random!!

Ms. Thomas :)

3 notes to the teacher:


Jealous that you are going to Mardi Gras! I went to a ball a few years back and we girls had a ball! (Ha!)

Ms. Thomas

I know I cannot wait!! I will have to post pictures!! Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

Katie King

Just found your blog... I loved your Thing 1 costumes! We dressed up as Daisy Head Mazies :) I couldn't get the money book to come up. Do you think you could email it to me? I look forward to seeing more!

Katie (katie.king@boyle.kyschools.us)


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