Monday, July 16, 2012

So fresh and clean classroom!

I got into my classroom today! And this is not just exciting because "yay it is time to start decorating", it's because it is a NEW classroom! Woohoo!
Here it is:
built in cubbies? YES please!

So big, and the Texas flag makes me smile

Bathroom inside the classroom and a HUGE window!
So now I am ready to start decorating! My teacher biffle Morgan wrote an amazing post on decorating a classroom. She really is good at it, I was so envious of her and her cute post-it note mock-up last year. I am organized, but also a mess. Ha. It is true. I am trying to take it one step at a time for this classroom. 
I am keeping my jungle theme! I am super excited because I just got leopard print curtains. swoon. 

I thought I would share these photos so you can see what a difference I made! 
So, now you tell me what do you plan on doing with your classroom this year, that you didn't last year?

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