Sunday, July 29, 2012

Getting there!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I did for sure! Mainly because I am going to be a pug mommy!
I met her on Saturday and get to bring her home on this coming Saturday! I am so excited! I have been waiting for YEARS to get my own pug. My family has two (three for a while) and I love them. They have such a great personality, and I need some good company here in Texas! So, this is my new BFF, Penny!

Besides puppy news, I got in my classroom and today and got some stuff done! I really wonder how I got my room done before without my mother. She is such an amazing help, and she is a children's librarian so she has great ideas! 
So, I got the walls all done with fabric, and what not. Please excuse any mess you see in these photos, it is still a work in progress!
My "Born Wild" birthday board

My board to hang fun things! It is tiger print of course.

Reading jungle! Do you like those leopard print curtains? I have plans for a big tree in that corner.

Three back walls. I LOVE that I can staple in this wall.

Front of the room. This is where our class names will go and storage for supplies.

And, the palm tree is back up!
These jungle themed behavior signs are in my TPT store!

I am up there for the rest of the week getting everything else organized. I am about to get some signs for the room done while laying in bed. Be on the lookout for some WBT rule signs!

Also, she will kill me but I LOVE this picture of me and Morgan at her WEDDING! She looked drop dead gorgeous and it was such a great time! Congrats muffin! More info on our blog coming soon!

Happy Sunday!

7 notes to the teacher:

Sarah Plum

Soooo adorable! Congratulations on the puppy -- I can't wait until we can have a dog again, I miss having a canine companion!

There's No Place Like Second Grade

Mrs. Berard

I am not mad you posted that picture but I am mad I have to see the pup with all of the bloggers!! UGH! I need first updates!! Im home, and we have LOTS to catch up on as soon as I get the chance to take a moment I will call! Going into my room tomorrow... taking the U-Haul. Wish me luck!
Love you too muffin!
PS- Classroom is looking good!!

Miss Nguyen's Class

Omg, congrats on the pug! I have a pug too and I adore her so much! They have the best personality!


Your pug is too precious! I just love pugs :) Congrats!!!

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog

SO CUTE! CONGRATS! Will your students get to meet Penny? SMILES!!! (check out my Blog if you have not done so already)


Ohhhh! I want, I want, I want...the pug, of course. I had 2 as a child and another when I was a teenager. I think they're the perfect family dog. Small dog, but without the little dog neurotic personality. Mine were so smart. I guess I'll have to start a pug savings account!

Donna W.


Congratulations on your new pug puppy! She's so cute! Reminds me so much of mine (but he's a boy...and he's 2 now!). He is my first pug and he is one of the loves of my life (the other is the fiancee). You're going to have so much fun!

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