Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mardi Gras Mambo!

Yay! I can hear the song in my head! I am not going to lie though I am apologizing in advance if this post makes no sense, because I am getting sick and took some medicine....feeling prettttty good! (makes me think of friends, prettyy pretttyy good!) I am also watching that right now as I type. 
Okay so yay new unit! So, if you're a reader you know I live in Louisiana and we love us some carnival time down here! It is a really big deal. So, to spread those good times to all and show some different cultures I made a mini-unit full of fun activities for your students to do! 
It includes: a how-to writing project on how- to make king cake, an ABC Mardi Gras word center, make your own mask, Mardi Gras math problems, two creative thinking sheets, and a letter to send home about students making their own floats. 
Click below to check it out!

And, if you can name the Mardi Gras ball I am attending for the second time this year I will give you a FREE copy! Guess away, and Laissez Bon Temps Rouler!

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Oh my goodness! I have no idea but I hope you have a ball! Your unit looks very cute!


P.S. Had to delete the 1st had a typo...hate when that happens!


Looks great...I just want some beignets!!
First Grade Blue Skies


Is it the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Ball or the Krewes of Perseus Ball? It's fun to guess. Have fun!

Ms. Thomas

I'll give you a hint! It is the biggest ball in New Orleans and Maroon 5 is the Grand Marshal!


Endymion Ball!

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥

The Krewe of Endymion Soiree! :)


The Krewe of Endymion... Have a GREAT time! I LOVE me some Maroon 5!!

Ms. Thomas

Tia you got it first! Endymion is where I am going! Cannot wait! Email me for your copy!

-Ms. Thomas


Maroon 5?! Swoon!!! I'm so jealous.
I've never been to Loisianna, let alone Mardis GRAS. It's on my 'To Do' list.
Your unit looks great! I'll have to go check it out.

Chelsea Rose

I tagged you in a post on my blog! Check it out! :)

Mrs. Berard

Um I love this!!! I can't wait to do this for our lil Mardi Gras Mambo! Also… can we make a nice feathered head-band for our GOP parade?

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