Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm ready!

Whew! The productivity bug must of bit me! Or maybe it's because I have been in bed all weekend? I am feeling better though. If you ever feel sick drink this stuff...
It looks gross, but it tastes amazing! Like pineapple, I promise. It also has a ton of stuff that makes you feel better. Highly reccommend my friends!
Back to my productivity...I finished my new unit today. It is a pack of FORTY reader's response sheets.
Last summer I bought this pocket chart while on a spree with Ms. Simoneaux at Lakeshore Learning when we were in Houston for Debbie. 
I had been eyeing it online and it was on sale, but got it when we went to the store. Well, sadly they don't make it anymore. :( BUT I made a packet of sheets that correlate with all the questions in the chart! I am going to use it at my classroom library workstation. Click below to check it out:

Go and click on my facebook page for the jungle and you can see how you can score a free copy!

I know it is super bowl Sunday and all, but it is sad I would rather watch the puppy bowl? Too cute right?!

4 notes to the teacher:


Looks great!


Jennifer K.

I clicked over to FB but I don't see how to get your unit for free! I think this is a wonderful idea for a unit though!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Ms. Thomas

I just put it up!! Go back and check Jennifer!

Thanks Gladys!!

Miss Foote

Started following your blog, instead of just stalking:-)

Chickadee Jubilee

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