Saturday, October 1, 2011

Water Habitats and Apples!

We wrapped up our water habitats unit this week! I loved this unit, it was so much fun and I could tell the kids loved it! Thanks to the fabulous Deanna Jump and her ocean animals unit! It was so awesome, and so easy to implement. She is great!
Here are the ocean animals we made:
They all turned out so cute, and the facts Deanna included were so great!
We also had been talking about living and nonliving things. I made a "foldable" so the kiddos could connect their knowledge. Not sure if any of you guys use these, but our district LOVES them. I use them every now and then, but I thought it would be good for science. Basically you take a piece of paper and fold it in half and then cut little flaps, the students put the words and then illustrate or write info under the flap. It is a great study guide!
What Does a Living Thing Need to Live Foldable

So, now on to APPLES! I love this week, because it makes me think it is almost Fall. It is so cute seeing everyone saying "yay it's Fall"! It was 95 this week here in the deep south. I am sad. But the apples helped!
We made these courtesy of Deanna Jump:

Here is what my fall door looks like!
The Johnny Appleseed plate faces are from The Lesson Plan Diva! TOO cute!

Last, I stopped by Made for 1st grade (awesome blog), and I went to look at their classroom blogs, and saw this activity with reading the book Ten Apples Up On Top. So precious, and it worked perfectly since we started talking about addition this week. AND....drumroll please!


Ummm so excited. Giddy in fact. So, for the book I made a flipchart like Mrs. Schmelzer did with the pictures of my students with the apples on top and we wrote number sentences. They thought it was hilarious. After, we did independent work just like Mrs. Schmelzer! I rolled the dice roller on the board (so cool) and they had to draw the apples and then write the number sentence. I even drew the animals myself!

That was our week in room 103! How did everyone's week go?

Happy Saturday and GEAUX TIGERS!

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