Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week one, done!

I write this post as I am sweating in my apartment....not cool. Literally. My A/C is out. I also live in Louisiana so the humidity is getting in here too. BOO.

So the first week is done! It was a whirlwind! I have some pics to share of some of the units I have posted over the summer and recently. We read "Scaredy Squirrel" this week, and omyword the kiddos LOVED it. I highly suggest using it for those first few weeks. After we read we did some of the activities from my Scaredy Squirrel response! They turned out so cute!
Our Scaredy's we made, with what we are not scared of in first grade!

Sheet about what Scaredy was scared of, a little comprehension check!
They keep asking me to read it again and again! I am planning on buying the other books he is in too!

Also, if you bought or checked out my All About Being a Citizen TPT, then check this! I made a schema chart for the unit. I wanted to explain schema early to my kids, and they really liked it! I had everyone write something they already knew (schema!) about being a citizen. They grasped it and did a great job. I plan on having this chart up the entire unit, and then to fill in what we learned at the end.

I know some people are starting with their kids tomorrow, so good luck! I hope your first day is full of smiles!

Check back soon I am working on a TPT unit about a favorite author of mine that writes about a cute yellow dog! :)

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Looks like a successful first week!! Love the Scaredy Squirrel projects!

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