Monday, August 22, 2011

All about Ms. T

Woohoo! Teacher Week! This is so exciting! 
I am hoppin' along with everyone else!

Tell us a little about you....

I am Ms. Thomas from The First Grade Jungle. I am 25 years old. I am originally from Wales, if you read a few posts back I explain my crazy first name! I moved to Texas at five with my family and been there ever since till I came down South! I went to LSU, GEAUX TIGERS, and a proud Zeta Tau Alpha. After graduation I got a job down here. I have been teaching for three years, on my fourth (whew seems like yesterday I started) I taught second for two years, then moved to first and love both of them!
Here are some of my favorite things: (I split it to make it fair, haha)

A snapshot of the family...
At an LSU tailgate!
I gots me a manfriend too, and we just celebrated SIX years dating together. :)
Also, I heart pugs. I cannot wait till the day I get one! Here are the family pugs, Monty and Pugsley.
Pugsley and Monty, our three legged wonder pug!

I love being a teacher to firsties, spending time with my family in TEXAS, spending time with Mr. Ben, and honestly being lazy when I can! (It doesn't happen often)

I am looking forward to really helping my students grow this year. Many of my students last year did not have a solid kindergarten year. If there is anything I have learned from teaching first is how important kindergarten is. I am pushing myself to get my students above and beyond and to make up for that lost time. I think first grade is the best because you watch your students grow up before your eyes. I am ready for a great year!

Loved spilling the beans about myself, cannot wait to read everyone's!

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Love reading your blog :)

Ms. Thomas

Love reading yours!

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