Friday, February 4, 2011

Inference Detectives!

So believe it or not....but WE got a SNOW DAY! I use the term snow day verrrrry loosely. Regardless, I have an extra day to relax. I am super jealous of all my loves in Dallas who have had four days so far!
Well luckily I was able to complete the awesome inference activity that Babbling Abby put up on TPT! Check out her new teacher blog The Inspired Apple. I cannot wait to see what she puts up!
So I could not agree more with her that our reading series was not cutting it with explaining inferences well to six year olds. I just loved how she presented it and I can tell my kids now understand a difficult comprehension skill. 
I started with the snow day activity brainstorm which my kids actually could name a lot of things. (We don't see snow much down here so that was good!)
We read the story next, which was about a Mom wondering what her son and his Grandmother had done on their snow day. I explained that we had to help Tim's Mom out because she was not sure what they had done all day. The kids bought in and were excited to be detectives.I made the case files the night before and kept it the same as Abby did but changed a few things. (I couldn't eat a happy meal nor do I have children so I used spaghetti materials :))
Each group investigated their case files and then recorded their observations. 

They had to record the evidence and then infer what they did with the evidence. They did a FABULOUS job thinking outside the box. 
We came back together and each group presented their evidence and their inferences. Then we answered the questions. 
Luckily we just had finished up time lines, so it was perfect that she included this too! This is ours.
After, each student could pick a time and then illustrate what happened at that time. They were awesome. I plan on hanging them up after this three day weekend! 
Thank you so much Babbling Abby...go to TPT and pick this activity up! It is sooo worth it!

I also wanted to share this chart that my fabulous teaching buddy Ms. Simoneaux made. Check out her blog!

We use this whenever we read a book! It was so simple to make, and it is interactive so the students really get a grip on these important comprehension skills. 

Pretty and functional! My favorite two things for something in the classroom!

Stay warm!

Ms. Thomas :)

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Mrs. Berard
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Mrs. Berard

It's bad enough you're next door to me... I dont know why I feel the need to blog stalk you as well!

Anyways, I made my teacher's only blog page. Well I had it but finally got around to updating it and getting it going...

And people are going to think we are nerdy and obsessed with each other since I am always talking about you ha! Love you!!

PS love the shout out on story maps!

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