Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am on Teachers Pay Teachers!

I finally did it! I have been putting it off for forever now, (mainly because I am new to paypal, still not sure if I did it right?) but I am officially on there selling stuff! 
I only have two things up can get my ice cream contractions for FREE, and I just posted a new Valentine's Day literacy activity. It is based on the book "If You'll Be My Valentine" by: Cynthia Rylant. Go and check it out! I will be hopefully making new things to put up there!

Ms. Thomas :)

2 notes to the teacher:

Mrs. Harris

Woo-hoo!! I just did the same thing yesterday and have already sold TWO things :) When I got that first e-mail I think I literally shouted!! Now granted those things were only worth $2.00 a piece - but that's not the point! :) Good Luck!

Ms. Thomas

Thanks! I know I am so excited I finally got it done! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!

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