Sunday, November 11, 2012

Draft Book Time

This is my first year where I am actually really enjoying teaching writing. 
Yep. Believe it. 
If you read my blog you know that I was always trying to figure out a way to get writing in my day and for me to actually think it was worth while. This new school we use Lucy Calkins and her writing workshop technique. I have had her books forever, but this year having them in our curriculum it is like it all comes to life. :)

This is how it all rolls out:

I start each lesson with a modeling mini-lesson. This is where I go over all the little details that we need in our writing. Right now we are talking about "small moments" those little bits that they can turn into stories. I show how to start with a capital letter, finger spaces, and punctuation. This is also a time where we work on phonics. You can see from my story the other day that I let them sound out the words for me.
 After the mini-lesson, they head to their desks to start working in their own draft book. I put classical music on and leave them to it for about 10 minutes so they can get the creative juices flowing. :)
 Once I see most of them have a good start I conference with one table. I do a different table everyday. I go to each kiddo and ask them what they are writing about and have them read their story to me. We chat for a bit and then I give them a star and a wish.
A star is something I thought they did great with, and a wish is something I would like them to do next time. I always ask them to tell me what their wish is before I give them one. 
 I just put this picture because it makes me smile. "I wish I can be the popstar."

So that is our draft book time. I am really loving it and I can see how much it is helping my kinders!

Can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving!? We have a feast on Friday that I will be gearing up for. I have these babies in my TPT shop right now if you want to check them out! I did them last year with my firsties and they were great writing activities.

Happy Sunday!!

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I am so glad you found my blog today...because I have been looking, thinking and searching for motivation for a small moment lesson for tomorrow! I just love Lucy Calkin's Writer's Workshop! Your posting gave me the extra push to find it! Thanks!
Kick Starting Kindergarten

Mrs. Berard

I just love your classroom! You're the bestest Kindergarten teacher I know!! :)

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