Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Check!

I feel I should say that since I have been MIA! I started two weeks ago and since I am in a new district, I had A LOT of stuff to learn. I am so glad I did though, because my district rocks! I would know that already because a VERY popular first grade blogger used to work here before she moved to Houston...wink wink. :)

So this post is all pictures! 
First, my baby Penny
She makes getting home SO much better!
AND now my classroom!
The Reading Jungle! My mom made that tree for me! It's made of pool noodles and brown paper bags!

So lucky to have a bathroom in my room!

Home center

My desk and area

Small group table, with word wall and daily five/CAFE wall

Good work wall and math wall

Front of the room

My door and word work station storage

View from the door

Yee-haw! My kindergarten picture! No clue why I am on a horse? Those bangs are killing it too.

Cubbies with birthday wall above

We don't do clips here so I blew up my WBT rules and put it on my tree.

Lunch choice wall, they will have clothespins with their names.

My outside display


WBT classroom rules
So that's my classroom! I had my first day with my kiddos this morning. It was great! We do a kindergarten camp at my new school, where we have a new class everyday. Whew. But it is great because we really learn a lot about the kids before we put them in classes. 

Stay tuned for a giveaway from Really Good Stuff.....because it is!

5 notes to the teacher:

Miss Kindergarten

How fun!! Your room looks great! Did you at least get to meet the super cool blogger before she moved?!

Ms. Thomas

Thanks Miss Kindergarten! And no not in person, but via email yes! :)


Your room is too cute!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Maria Eshman

What a super fun kinders room! You will never believe this, but I remember people used to walk around our neighborhood when I was younger and take the same pictures on a horse! I'm sure I have one somewhere in my memory box! :) Gotta love bangs!



Your room is beautiful! And I am so jealous that you have Penny, she looks so sweet.

Donna W.

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