Friday, August 3, 2012

Class? YES!

So, the last few days I have been in my classroom...sweating. Gross, I know. BUT the AC has been off. :( I have been waiting till the afternoon to go up there and in the mean time I have been watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning. I forgot how amazing that show is! McDreamy...mmm.

Anyway, teaching stuff:
I am a HUGE lover of Whole Brain Teaching. I discovered it last year, since I had a rather rambunctious class and needed something new. I watched SEVERAL videos on YouTube of how it worked and fell in love. This was the first video I watched:

I found it so amazing how the kids are all into it, and I knew that I needed something to get my kids in gear! So, I went home and typed up all the key points and then the next day put it in motion. I started with the rules. Here are my kiddos doing it last year:

After we had the rules down, I taught them the scoreboard which I LOVE! It was such a great way to provide rewards and consequences quickly. I also used the Class? YES! response which is a great way to get attention quickly. After, I started using the Teach! OK! during whole group time. I LOVED this too. It was a great way for my students to do peer teaching quickly. I would have them discuss sight words, spelling words, or math skills. It was such a treat to watch them during this time. 

This video is also amazing! It is a lesson on compound words, completely using the WBT method. I was so impressed!

So, for my new classroom I made this set of posters with my version of the WBT rules! I just put them up in my TPT store. 
The first THREE to comment get them for FREE!!

Also, my fab teacher biffle Morgan is doing an amazing giveaway with Lakeshore! Go check it out! One of the ways to enter is follow our new blog! {note: there is nothing there yet :) we want it to be a big thing and since it is August and she just got married we are working on it HA}

Happy Friday!