Monday, May 21, 2012

Ms. Thomas graduates!!

Is it funny this blog title makes me think of Beverly Hills 90210?! (Donna Martin Graduates!) HA
O yes!! Work done!
Anyway...yes this girl graduated on Friday with her Master of Education! WOOP! 
Me and the boy after the ceremony!
 So, it was a crazy weekend because my baby sister also graduated from high school!! She is off to Arkansas for college, and could not be more happy for her! Way to go sis! 
Get ready for my crazy life:
Our last day is Wednesday, and I drive to Dallas Thursday. I meet my new team on Friday! I can't wait to meet my kindergarten teammates! 
And then....Ben and I leave for Europe Saturday! 

Whew...if I am absent for a while, don't worry my life is nuts right now! I will be back soon, promise! I hope all of you have a great end of the school year!