Thursday, March 29, 2012

Almost Spring Break!

Yay! This title makes me happy. :) Mainly because I am going HOME! Which I thought I would share with all of you. I finally am ready to move back home to good old Dallas, Texas. I moved for college 8 years ago, and y'all I am ready to be Texan again. I miss being close to my parents, and my family. So, I have been on the job hunt in the Dallas area. It has been slow coming because teacher jobs are hard to come by right now. :( I am still trying to stay strong, and know that whatever happens is part of the plan! If you have any advice let me know bloggy friends!

Anyway, a little update of some classroom happenings....
We did once upon a rainy day writing. These turned out really cute. {When ever I actually have time I will be making this into a writing mini-unit. I promise!}

Love that he said mario kart!
AND!!! We got us some butterflies!!! Funny story, I was keeping the habitat behind my desk while they were still caterpillars and I was fussing at some for being back there. HA. Then, I realized it was because a butterfly was emerging! I apologized, no worries. Then, we got to watch!

They thought it was the coolest thing. I did forget however they release that meconium stuff, which in butterflies is red and I had a few crying thinking it was bleeding. Welcome to first grade. :)

Last but not least we went on a field trip to see the Lorax today! It was so much fun! I highly suggest doing this if your local theater takes field trips!

I will admit, I wanted to sneak into the Hunger Games to see it for the THIRD time. Speaking of which I am deep into Catching Fire, so I am going to go have fun with the kindle!

blog love :)

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FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer)

Love the raindrops!
First Grade Blue SKies


Your rainy day writing is really cute. I'll have to borrow this idea!
'Catching Fire' was a good one. I can't believe I'll have to wait another year to see that movie!

Good luck on the job hunt! At least you're starting to get your name out now before August.


Love your cute writing! We're taking our firsties on a field trip to watch The Lorax tomorrow...can't wait! :)


Good luck with your job hunt...I'm looking again and I'm learning that it's really difficult to get into anywhere without knowing someone personally. But I'm holding out for later on in the school year & summer hoping that I'll get something. Cute class picture- the faces they're making are priceless! :)

Tales of An Elementary Teacher


Goodluck with finding a job. I'll sure you'll find something :) I wish we could have gone to The Lorax. Our movie theaters offered it, but it was just too expensive for our kiddos :(
The clouds and raindrops are cute!



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Tag! You're it! Join us in a game of tag.


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