Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!!

I am currently sitting on my lazyboy recliner sipping a cup of hot coffee from the keurig. AHHHHHH. It is great. Don't be mad at me! :) We have off today and tomorrow. It is a perk to living in Louisiana. 

Here is our crazy Friday in my school. It really kicked off my Mardi Gras break!
First, we made king cakes! We did the "how to make a king cake" writing from my Mardi Gras Mambo unit! I used a donut, then put purple food coloring in frosting, grocery store did not have purple sprinkles :(, then we put green and gold sprinkles on them!

They inhaled these. I have never seen kids eat a donut faster.

So cute!
Next up was the PARADE! The pre-K and kindergarten cuties make floats out of shoe boxes and they tour the halls throwing beads and candy! They also play some sassy music over the PA. Needless to say I was dancing. We made the masks too to get in the spirit.

I wore a pretty sassy headband courtesy of Ms. Simoneaux. She was a Mardi Gras Martha the night before. She has a pic of us. She should put it up soon!!
So that was our day, do you think I went to New Orleans that night?!? NO I went to bed. Then, went the next morning to get ready for Endymion Extravaganza! I got to see Maroon 5 (swoon) and catch way too many beads. 
Our whole group! 26 of us!

My biffle from second grade was there!

My lil sis in the sororitay...also a biffle. And she was wearing her mom's dress from the 80s. Love her.

So that was my weekend! Even if you are working, enjoy your Fat Tuesday! Make some gumbo and make a king cake! I still have half a gluten free king cake left, my thighs hate me already. HA

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4 notes to the teacher:

Jenn Long

Love your "King Cakes"! Just headed over to TPT to purchase your Mardi Gras Mambo unit for next year!
A Pirates Life for Us


I saw your post about Birchbox! I signed up and am waiting impatiently for my first order. I can't wait!!! Thanks for the tips!




The kids must have loved you something fierce for those scrumptious donuts. Everything looked like so much fun! And your dress is gorgeous, i just love the color.


Love the Mardi Gras ideas! Please check out my blog :)



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