Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I hate scissors, and scissors hate me.

Raise your hand if you kinda don't like cutting out all that laminate?? ME ME RIGHT HERE!!
I am so over it, and I know I am not alone out there. I love buying all new units and having new activities but sometimes the thought of laminating (not so bad) and then cutting it all out (ughhhhh) makes me discouraged. I am not kidding, last time I did this all by myself, my cutting hand went NUMB. Yes, I was thinking I pinched a nerve in my stupid hand. All due to cutting out laminate. 
Boo. hiss. 
So, I had dinner with my teacher mentor a couple of weeks ago (love) and she mentioned that when she taught at another school she would put things she needed to have cut out in a brown envelope with scissors and send it home with a child.....SO PARENTS COULD CUT IT OUT. G to the enius. 
I feel dumb for not thinking of this before, but I have some SUPER awesome parents that always ask how to help out and I never know what to say!? (Kelly Clarkson's Miss Independent just ran through my head, yes I have a control issue sometimes) So, this was perfect. 
I first sent home a note explaining and asking if it was okay. All of them said YES! Yesterday I prepared the packets with a giant new pocket chart activity I needed cut out (Ms. Simoneaux's Silly Sentences!) and sent it on it's merry way home with five of my kiddos. 
Here is what it looks like:

What I put inside!
I got all of them back today (yes, all the next day) completely cut out. :) If I could make a million smiley faces I would. Smileys would win! Now, I can focus on showing them the activity instead of being a scissor maniac, while trying to do attendance and run a small group. 
If you are looking for some help in this department I highly recommend this, or if you just want some parental involvement ideas!

I am currently in NOLA (again) to take my last certification test. Hopefully, I will be certified in another state soon....:) Wish me luck!

10 notes to the teacher:


Love this idea!! I always wonder what to give those parents that want to help at home. Thanks for sharing :)

Miss S.

I hate lamination cutting.. I always seem to cut too close to the edging and then it separates.
Anyways, I love your blog!
Im a new follower... I just found you tonight!

Miss S
Just Teaching...Kindergarten


You are so funny...and that's a great idea!

First Grade Blue SKies


That is a wonderful idea! I would to see what you sent home and attached to the envelope.

Brittany K
Sweet Seconds


I love this idea. My question is, I see teachers who laminate then cut. I alway cut, laminate, and cut again. Is this totally unnecessary?! Does it separate, especially when uing a thermal laminator at home? Just wondering what works best. When I do these envelopes in the classroom, notice I said when, not if, I would probably send home a little treat with the envelope the first time. Perhaps a little mini lotion from Bath & Body or some chocolates, just to say thank you for their kindness! Thanks for the awesome idea!


Ms. Thomas

Ashley! I always used to cut twice too but now I don't! I laminate the whole thing with my little scotch laminator and it works great! And thanks for the tip I was thinking of sending them a little something!

Primary Junction

What a great idea! I like laminating and cutting until about the third item. Then, I'm SO over it! Thanks for sharing!

Primary Junction


Hmmmmm. I'm going to have to give that some thought. :-)

First Grade Delight

The Colorful Apple

I always cut, laminate then cut too! This is a great idea, especially for parents who aren't able to volunteer in the classroom during the day. Thanks for the tip!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade


It really works? That will be such a time saver, especially today with all the Leap Day Sales! I shared this idea on my blog, Live 2 Learn, for Tippy Tuesday on a Wednesday. If you have a moment, check it out:)!


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