Monday, January 16, 2012

White Egg and Brown Egg?! And love to Joplin

On Friday I did the egg activity with my kiddos and it was awesome! I posted the worksheet to go along with this the other day in my TPT store for free. It really got an important message along to my kiddos.
First, we had discussion about why MLK Jr. did what he did, and my kids knew why he fought for equal rights. Then, we filled out the first side of our worksheet and I showed them both eggs.

I told them this was like the color of our skin. Then, they made predictions of what it would look like on the inside. I swear they all thought it would be different!
Well, then we cracked the eggs...
It blew their minds! We had a discussion about how we are only different colors and we are the same on the inside. I felt really awesome about this lesson. Anyone else get that feeling sometime?!
Last I leave you with this picture...{it made me smile}

Also, Mrs. Wills posted the other day about sending love to Joplin. I can only imagine what these teachers have been through so she asked for everyone to send along a unit from TPT. I sent over my winter creative writing and I hope it makes them feel good!

Happy MLK Jr. Day!