Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some anchor charts and WBT

Every week in Reading and in Math we meet at our whole group area and I usually make an anchor chart with the kids about our skills. Also just a note: I know some teachers are like yes we make it and then I re-do it all pretty. Ummmm, this does not happen in Room 103. I am a big fan of you do it once and it looks okay, then ya keep it. :)
So here are some that I have made in the last few weeks. Some are split down the middle with reading and then math on the bottom. For all of you Treasure teachers you know there is a mess of skills they want you to cover, so these charts are usually how I get the skill across!

Also, I discovered whole brain teaching back in August. Yea. You know when you are like "Yes, this is awesome I am so going to do this everyday!" Well, this girl started out like that and then you know Thanksgiving and Christmas happened and that kinda faded out. :( BUT now I am back on the bus with it! I am serious when I say I realized that when I was doing the techniques my students were not bananas. So, it is going great. Check out the website or google it and you will find a TON of stuff. It really is a great way for management and the lesson format is amazing to watch in action.  I posted a video of my rules in an older blog post. Check out Sandra at Sweet Times in First. She has great video of her amazing students doing whole brain teaching!
Here is my really cute scoreboard! Thanks Ms. Simoneaux for the sassy duck tape!
Basically, they get smilies and frownies for the class behavior. If the smilies win they get a reward. The past few times it has been the wobble {yes} and then the YMCA. We do it at the end of the day. They love it and it is a great instant motivator!

Today is our 100th day! Post to come with all of our activities!

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Love the tape on the board! Great idea!
First Grade Blue Skies


I also make one anchor chart and that's it! Yours look great!

A Cupcake for the Teacher


Love a good Anchor Chart! These look great! Love the zebra tape, too!

Peace, Love and First Grade

Sheree Peterson

Love the tape, great idea. I've never heard of Brain Teaching sound interesting.


Your anchor charts = awesome! I am totally going to do that to review the magic e spellings.

I like your scoreboard. I am starting mine this week! I also like the way you have yours hanging up so it is portable....hmmmmm, I'm going to think about where I can do that in my room also! Thanks for the idea! ~Heidi V.

Think, Wonder, and Teach

I love your WBT chart! Did you see then new WBT certification program? I am so excited about this!!

I am a new follower!

Think, Wonder, & Teach

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