Sunday, January 8, 2012

Geaux check out the sale!

Hey all! I am sitting on the edge of my couch with excitement to head to NOLA tomorrow to cheer on my tigers! It is so exciting that I get to go down there AGAIN to cheer them to victory. I went down when we won in 2007 and had a blast! Even better this time since my beautiful sister is living there with my bestie so it will be even more fun! I am jealous though because the manfriend got tickets and is going with his friend. :( BUT I will be with my friends watching it so all is well!
Mike and B are my favorite!

I know cute right?! One of my friends played on the team in 2007, so naturally I tried on his helmet! :)
Anyway....I am having a GEAUX check it out! Everything is 20% off till Tuesday where I will be smiling since LSU will be the best in the land!

Really...GEAUX check it out and GEAUX tigers!! Click my buddy Mike to go to my store!

3 notes to the teacher:


Fun! Fun! Geaux Tigers!



Go SEC! Have fun and I'll be routing for your team to win! Geaux Tigers!

Ashley Sanderson

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