Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Last week was our first full week where we were doing all sorts of fun "christmasy" things! We had started out the week before doing sweet Mrs. Cooley's Christmas Around the World mini-book. This book was adorable and it was great to do something were I knew my students were gaining an appreciation for other cultures. We did one page a day and reviewed the other countries.

 We finished up our study on Thursday and then had a Christmas Around the World feast on Friday! It was so fun. We made place mats for our feast for each country we "visited".
We ate tacos, yule logs (swiss cake rolls), cakes, gingerbread, and honey buns. Before the feast we also opened Christmas crackers! These are a tradition in Britain that my family does so I brought some for them. They loved it! Here is what our feast looked like:

In other "christmasy" things:
We did the best gift of all courtesy of Cara Carroll! The tree is made out of all of their handprints!
We also read "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" by Laura Numeroff. We were reviewing last week so this book was perfect for sequence of events. We filled out a plot chart, from the teacher wife's amazing reading comprehension packet. Then using these pictures I think from Sarah Cooley they had to put the events in order.

Also, as a treat I gave them some popcorn just like the mouse!
 We also did some gingerbread stuff! We taste tested it, and wow all of my kids loved gingerbread!
 And we did a fun glyph!
Whew! 8 days left!

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I love that you did a feast with different foods from around the world too! How fun for the kiddies :)


What a great idea to do your Christmas feast with foods from around the world! Thanks for posting your wonderful photos!

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