Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I finally finished this beast!

I have been spending the last few days organizing my classroom library. Ms. Simoneaux was doing it, and I had been avoiding it for so long so I thought why not? I had previously organized my library by genre, which turned out to be a mess. My kids could never figure out where to put them back and then it also lead to them having a hard time picked a good fit book. So, I cut my losses and started leveling using guided reading levels. This is a letter system that starts at A. My books only go to P.
So after all that looking up levels, stickering, and organizing I have this:

It's just so pretty!! Now, I just tell my kids what letter they can pick and ta-da no worries about them picking a book that is too hard! *deep sigh*

SO Jennifer you guessed right first! Email me and I will send you a copy of my "I once met a silly snowman!" unit.

We started gingerbread this week! We have been reading a different story every day which works great since it is a review week for us. We read this today:
Y'all this book is so stinkin' cute! They all loved it, even the boys! The girls walked around all day acting like her too! A must-read for sure!
Also, been doing fact families. It has been a bit of a struggle, but I think we are getting the hang of it! I have been repeating "Put the bigger number first in subtraction!" A LOT. They did a great job today when we did this worksheet I made, and I wanted to share it with you!
Fact Families

Hope the holiday season is treating you all well!

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Your library looks uh-mazing!!! I've been meaning to re-organize mine too but it feels like there isn't enough time in my day!!! I did start labeling... hopefully I can start and finish soon!!


This looks great! What a great idea! Where did you look the levels up at? I'd like to do something like this in my class, too!

Ms. Thomas

I looked up the levels on scholastic book wizard! They have guided reading, lexile, and grade level. I used stickers from lakeshore when I got the library through a project!


Hi! Thank you so much!! I'm a new follower of yours too :)

I loooove Gingerbread Girl!! I have the girls come up and twirl around just like her.. it's so cute!! And the boys do enjoy the story too!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

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