Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I actually had time to make this!

Last week, I had the patience for writing! YAY! It really is a trek to get writing done and with all the other holiday projects it was hard. BUT, we did and I loved what the outcome was.
Our skill last week in writing was write a silly story. I decided to have my students write a story about a silly snowman. We used the writing process, and after the final copy was done we made a snowman that was silly!

I mean how cute?! I love seeing how they decide to interpret silly!

So, I couldn't sleep last night so I made this into a mini-unit!
It includes: two thinking maps, a writing web, a sloppy copy paper, a final copy paper, a snowman craftivity, a writing rubric, and a reader's theatre play written by moi!
Click below to check it out!

Also, because free is always fun....answer this question right and I will give you a free copy!

I am in the process of organizing my classroom library.....how do you think I am leveling it?

8 notes to the teacher:


How cute!!

I'd organize the library by picture/chapter books by subject and/or author. Haha, does that even make sense?! :)


Super cute!

If you do the daily 5 you will prob level it by level and if not you might be doing it by subject idk but I would love to win this mini unit! :)



Looks great!
I'm guessing you're organizing your books by genres (fantasy, mystery, art, pets, etc)
Ed Link - First Grade


If you are organizing it I would say by genres (fantasy, mystery, art, pets, etc) or by author.

If you are you leveling the books I would guess you are doing it by guided reading levels (A, B, C...) or with Accelerated Reader?

I would love to win this mini-unit! It looks fantastic!!!

Ashley Sanderson

I think you are probably leveling them by guided reading/DRA levels so that it's easy for the kids to go and pick a "Just right book!" That's how I do it!


I also think by level - A, B, C, etc. Makes it so easy for students to quickly find Just Right books!


I think you're leveling your library by DRA levels. Your mini unit looks great! Crossing my fingers I guessed correctly!



I think you might organize it by themes.:)

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