Thursday, December 1, 2011

Accelerated Reader and Read to Self are BFF's

I don't know about y'all but I HEART read to self from The Daily Five! It has turned my students into independent readers. If you have no idea what I am talking about, which if you are a blogger, you already know what I am talking about!
Well my kids have hit the 15 minute mark and now they read in the morning. We have Accelerated Reader at our school. It is an awesome program where students take quizzes on specific books. There is a HUGE library of quizzes for books too! It does cost money for the school though :(, but I have heard that there is a website called book adventure that is formed around the same concept!

This is how we roll...
After morning work they read a book from their book box. 
 Once they finish they complete a book look:
These are from Babbling Abby's Classroom Clipboard Activities. This a great way for them to reflect on what they read and then let me know that they actually read the book. :)
After they complete their book look, they put their class number in our AR quiz line. I can then see who is ready and I call the number for them to come to the computer to take their quiz. Ms. Simoneaux came up with this easy way last year and I love it!
It is an easy no-fuss way to keep them organized. I originally let them line up and it was a hot mess. This works so much better. While they wait, they know to review the book they are going to take a quiz on.
Acclerated Reader has these crazy login's and passwords which make it hard for my kids to remember, so I make cards with all of their names and login's.
I call them back and check their book look and then they take their quiz!
It gives them the score right after, and if they get a 100% I sign this log.
I only sign if they get a 100. I did ten 100's last year, but I am doing more this year. The first person to get 10 100's last year I brought them subway for lunch. It was nice treat and also motivated the others to read their books well to get a 100.  :)
After each quiz it prints out a TOPS report (the opportunity to praise students!) and I have a student hole punch these and they go in a large binder for record keeping.

I love AR, because it allows my students to read for a purpose and it builds comprehension. It also helps me keep a check of how they are reading and how many books we have read!
Do you have AR at your school?

Also, a big shout out to my Teacher BFF Ms. Simoneaux because she will be MRS. soon! So happy for her! Love you! tigers are 12-0! WOOP!

Happy Thursday!

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We have AR and I love it, too! Our usernames are their student numbers and then EVERY single kid's password is "abc". I don't know how that happened but it did. We pretty much do the same thing as you . . . but I have a laminated "bookmark" taped down next to the computers with a list of their student numbers. And a parent helper!!! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Classroom Confetti

I love the quiz line and the book look! So glad I found your blog!


I would love a copy of your Quiz line sign, numbers, and the 100% sheet you sign if you are willing to share.


I used the AR Quiz line up! It makes it much easier for me and my kids to see who is taking a quiz and who is next! Thank you for sharing!


I head up our AR program at our school and I love the idea of having the students do a book look. I'm going to pass on this idea. As far as their logins go - those can be created to whatever you want them to be by the administrator. I try to keep them simple, such as: first intial and last name - sbrown and pw as abc123 for the younger students. The older ones I use their initials and the birthday month and day - sbrown, pw - sb0101.


I see you are from Louisiana too. What school are you at? Just curious... because I may be right down the street. Feel free to email it to me at


I would love a copy of your Quiz line sign, numbers, and the 100% sheet you sign if you are willing to share. I didn't see it in your TPT store.

Nikki Binkinz


Would you mind sending me a copy of the Quiz Line sign?

I use a punch card for 100's and when they get 10 they can visit the prize box.


Hi, I love your ideas. I would also love a copy of your Quiz line and 100% sheet if you are willing to share. Thank you!

Mr. Harder

I would love to have a copy of this! It has been one of my struggles with my second graders every year. Please share!


I too would love a copy of this!


Would love a copy of your quiz line and the numbers of you're willing to share!


Would love a copy of your ar quiz line header and numbers if you're willing to share!


I would love a copy of your quiz line and also the 100 chart! I am new to first grade this year and need all the resources I can get. LOVE this idea

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