Friday, November 4, 2011

Winner winner pumpkin pie dinner?!

A lot of good guesses and I really thought I would have you fooled but the first one MJ from Teaching in Heels said trifle! I guess she knows I am british??!? Trifle is delicious! Have ever seen the friends episode where Rachel tries to make it but does shepherd pie with it??? Best one ever! "Cream good! Fruit good! Meat GOOD!"You need to make it because it is so yummy!
MJ email me so I can send you the goods!

Here are some pics of our completed pumpkin pies! So cute!

And if you haven't checked it out yet....


4 notes to the teacher:


Yay!! Thank you so much :) I love that Friends episode, it's hilarious!!


I love that Friends episode too! "It tastes like feet!"
Rowdy in First Grade

Palmer Picnic

So very cute! I love the tie into How-Tos:)


How CAHHHH UUUTTTEE! :) I love it!

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