Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Pie Yummm!

This week in writing we are doing how-to writing! I decided that since we were going to be eating pumpkin pie on Monday that it would be perfect to do how to make pumpkin pie! I used some of the elements from First Grade Fanatics "It's a Pumpkin Parade" unit. This was such a cute unit, and we did the pumpkin pie in a bag recipe on Monday to start off the writing unit.

It was so tasty and a great way to kick off our writing! I decided to make a mini-unit for this so that everyone could join in the fun! It includes 3 pre-activities to help students visualize, a writing web, a sloppy copy paper, and a final copy paper. I also included a cute craftivity to make a pumpkin pie to display their writing. Click the picture below to go and check it out!

Also, I am giving ONE away to the person who can answer this question!
What is my favorite Thanksgiving dessert??

12 notes to the teacher:


Pumpkin pie in a bag!? How fun!!

I'm guessing your favorite Thanksgiving dessert is a trifle! Random, right?! :)

Mrs. I

I'll go with pecan pie.

Cathy I.


I will go with pumpkin pie.
Jennifer A.


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apple pie?


Cherry Pie! Yummo!

First Grade Delight


Sweet potato pie?

Mrs. Berard

That pumpkin pie was delicious! How about you make some more and we have T-giving dinner (during lunch break) in 2 weeks? Thanks!


I'm going to guess chocolate pie because who doesn't love chocolate!

Cute Idea!


Skittle pie? :)


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