Sunday, November 20, 2011

Amazing what gets done on a break!

I have been working on this beast for two weeks now and I finally finished it! The craziness of the impending holiday and grad school threw a few road blocks my way.

I started to notice at the beginning of the year that I needed something new for my pocket chart station. I decided to make these fun phonics sorts so I could put them in the work station when we go over the phonics skill of the week. Here is a picture of my students doing the short vowels:

It is a great activity for them to sort words and to also blend and read those words and put them in their vocabulary! The unit includes seven different sorts. I based them on the phonics skills we use in our reading series, Treasures. It has short vowels, long vowels, s- blends, l- blends, r- blends, digraphs and triple consonant blends. Go check it out!

Also, first person to answer this question gets a FREE copy of this unit!

What do I do the Friday after Thanksgiving?

13 notes to the teacher:

Lori Rosenberg

EAT!!!! Of course you can SHOP, too!


i bet you go shopping!

Lori Rosenberg

Cute activity, by the way! Thanks! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Put up your Christmas tree?

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥

I am going to say you sleep in and play football with the family! :)


Very cute!! I was going to say go shopping or put up your Christmas tree!! How about enjoy time with your family?

Jennifer A.


Watch a favorite Christmas Movie!!!

First Grade Delight


SLEEP!!! then do nothing!!!!
Tunstalls Teaching Tidbits


Bake Christmas cookies?


Sleep and decorate your house for Christmas!!!


Decorate for Christmas...


How about watch a football game?

Jennifer A.


Chop down a Christmas!

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