Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fix it up, main idea chairs, and the doubles rap!

I just started this year making a weekly schedule for certain activities for Reading. I did this to keep my head in check so I won't get too ambitious (been there and ripped my hair out) and will stay on track. Well, Thursday is our fix it up sentence day. During whole group time we fix sentences I have written out that usually come from our grammar book (I am a treasures teacher). I use these because it usually has the skills we have been working on that week in them!

We fix them and I use post-its to put over the mistakes so they can see where they were. After, we go to our desks and do our weekly fix it up sentence page. I am using Growing Kinders Fix it Up! unit. It is amazing and put together so well and neat! We write it and fix it and then I let them check it over with their workstation partner. It is a nice cooperative learning activity.

Also, we started the doubles this week! Ms. Simoneaux found this adorable activity using the doubles rap. We used the rap last year but these were just too cute not to do!
A doubles fact ipod!!!

They keep all their doubles facts on flash cards inside of them! She found this on some website not sure where?! It is an envelope you cut in half almost and then you snip the corners off one side and then it will slip on like a sleeve! The little pages Ms. Simoneaux made pretty easily! My kids are loving it and I can tell they are excited about knowing them!.

Last but not least, our comprehension skill this week is main idea and details. This tends to be one that can be tricky for the firsties. I always use the mental picture of a chair with the seat being the main idea and the legs being the details. Last year I made the graphic organizer on the actual chair and it helped them out, but this year they all put it on their chairs!

Here is our anchor chart!
Happy Wednesday!

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Ms. Preppy

Oh how cute are those doubles rap iPods?! My kids will LOVE it!

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Hi- I am a treasures teacher as well and I often feel very overwhelmed by the large amount of material in each weekly unit. I have made some changes the last couple of years and I would love to hear how you have organized your week (I like the idea of Thursday fix up day). I am new to this blogging and I am not sure how this all works- this is the first comment I have ever left. Anyway- just saying I would love to hear more! Thanks for your great ideas!

Ms. Thomas

Email me and I can definitely explain! I know treasures is A LOT, that's why I started making my own adjustments!
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I am a treasure teacher as well and this is my first year teaching first grade. I feel overwhelmed and love the idea of organizing your week by doing certain things on certain days. Could you share a little more about that. My email is Thanks!

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I am loving your blog! The monkeys are so stinkin' cute! I am your newest follower and would love if you would come follow me too! I have LOTS of *freebies* to grab!

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