Thursday, October 20, 2011

all over the place

I gave this post that title because seriously these pics and ideas are from one end to the next. Get ready.
First, we just finished our matter unit and ended with making ice cream...holy mess! It was fun thought, but with science experiments you never know if everything will go as planned. I had to make an extra bag for those that just could not get their own ice cream to freeze!

 We also made these adorable books from Lesson Plan SOS!
 This is a little anchor chart I made for the kiddos to remember those states of matter!
We also started reading monsters this month! I figured with October it would be perfect and I am also getting my kids ready for accelerated reader! Luckily my girl Ms. Simoneaux won Abby's Ready to Read packet and I got in on that too! With us, sharing is caring. :)
My kids just got to 15 minutes in read to self so we switch that time to the morning after morning work. Once they finish a book they have to tell me what it is about and then they can write that book down and "feed" it to their monster. Too cute!

I have one too! Only fed him one book so far! 
Last but not least, we started studying owls this week! We are using the fabulous Mrs. Jump's unit on owls. Meet Oscar and Rudy, our two visitors!

I heart cute. Plus, they serve as anchor charts for our learning! We read "Owls" by Gail Gibbons, then talked about all the facts about owls and posted them here and made owl fact books.
Watching them say oviparous, is priceless.
 Also, read this poem....
Hope you enjoyed my randomness! More random anchor charts to come in the next few days!

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Love the states of matter anchor chart! :)

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