Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Add it Up in action!

I took some photos the other day of my kids doing the activities from my new unit Add it Up!
Domino addition, scroll down to get some new info on this one!

Chalkboard match up! Matching the facts with the sum.

Writing number sentences looking at pictures.

sideways :/ writing number sentences by counting.

Count those counters! Matching sums with the counters.

Dice addition, sorry it's upside down!
Just a few snapshots of my kiddos using the new math tubs! I also separated the dominoes in the unit to put in a separate TPT item! It has all the dominoes and three activity sheets. Go check it out, click below!

Hope you guys like it, I am telling you reading all your blogs made my day better today! It was a rough one!

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