Monday, September 5, 2011

Workstations have begun in room 103!

I am so happy to say that finally we know all of our workstations and went to them for the first time on Friday! WOOHOO! It takes a lot of work to get them all put together and explained. It was amazing to see them all going to them. Hilarious too...we had not done pocket chart yet and that partner pair asked if they could go sit there anyway when we were doing practice. He sat down and said, "So Ms. Thomas do we put these names in ABC order?" *GASP* YES! That is what you do! Made me melt.

Here are some pics of them on their first day of workstations! Thank you Debbie Diller!
computer workstation, I put on at the beginning of the year.
Handwriting, I only keep this for the first few months and then writing takes over.

Writing workstation, they have paper for letters and the box is my journal topic cards. Check them out on my TPT.

Buddy reading, we learned all about EEKK.

Big book, we talked all about those pointers and using them right. :)

File folder, I add this on my own. It is a variety of file folder games for practice.
Classroom library, pretty much self explanatory. :)     

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So cute (and I love the uniforms!). Looks like FUN!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher


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