Thursday, September 15, 2011

Way down in the deep blue sea!

We started our science unit on Monday! I LOVE science, I feel like I can do so much with it!
We are studying about water animals for this unit, due to our science kit that is coming soon! We have a grant in our parish (county for out of state folks) that gives us four of the FOSS science kits for the last two years. This first one coming is called "Observing an Aquarium". We get thirty real fish, craziness and jumping fish happened last year so who know what will come this year!
To start off the unit, I decided to talk all about ocean animals and move into freshwater. We used Deanna Jump's Ocean Animals unit! So freaking cute, go check it out on the TPT page! She is the goddess of all themed units!

We started out the week talking about living things, and what they need. I made this anchor chart for remembering.

We also read the book Deanna included about all the different ocean animals we would be learning about. The next day we watched some awesome brainpop jr. videos on ocean habitats and freshwater habitats. P.S. brainpop jr. is the

Today we talked and learned about our first ocean animal the SHARK! We read all the facts that are included in Deanna's unit, and then made our sharks with our tree map. They turned out awesome!

Too cute right? Even for a shark! More animals are joining the habitat, stay tuned!

Also, my kids went to read to self for the first time today....and get this...they went the full 2 minutes! For those of you who know and love Daily 5 you understand why I almost melted into the floor today. It was so exciting. Here are some pics, more info to come as we keep building stamina!

Last thing! I wanted to post this earlier, I made a little insert for a book bag. I use it for buddy reading workstation. It has the directions for buddy reading, and then a book inside. The students know what to do and it keeps the book in a safe place. I use these bags:

 Here it is!
Buddy Reading Bag Insert

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