Monday, June 20, 2011

We met Debbie! and other updates

So, just got back from Houston this past weekend where Ms. Simoneaux and I went to Debbie Diller's summer institute! It was AHMAZING! We went to two days that was geared towards K-2. The first day was all about workstations literacy and math! The second day was small groups, specializing towards guided reading. It was so great to be around teachers from all over and to learn new and amazing things. I have to say after I need to re-read my Making the Most of Small Groups book. That book is full of great materials and ideas to use in small groups.
To make the trip even better....
Us with Debbie! She is so perfect y'all!
Needless to say I had a great trip!

I have begun to become more motivated lately too after this conference. I am currently working on an ABC curriculum with two other teachers for grad school. We are creating an early childhood ABC curriculum for our area, Baton Rouge. The curriculum will include a place in Baton Rouge for each letter with activities to do with your child to foster oral language and literacy development. It is so exciting to be authoring something! Our hope is to get it published. Excitement!
I also am planning on making a new unit. My teacher BFF and I have planned our next year thematically when it comes to Science and Social Studies so we can get the kids more involved and excited about it.  Keep checking to see what I come up with!

Hope everyone is having a happy June!

-Ms. Thomas :)

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