Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I feel a little bit like Sheila Rae today...

We started our new author study the other day, which I am really excited about because it is KEVIN HENKES! Love his books, and how they are funny and teach great lessons. 
It is a review week in Reading, so I decided to take the skill that was the most difficult for my kids. Compare and contrast was the difficult one, so I connected our author study to it.
Sheila Rae the Brave and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. Then, we did a venn diagram to compare and contrast. The kids came up with great ideas! 
Here is the venn diagram I made to go with it!

Ms. Thomas :)

4 notes to the teacher:


the google doc isn't working correctly-- I was so excited, because we're just about to start some different author studies to tie readers & writers workshop together-- can you email it to me?


I also tried the link and it said the document was not available. Sounds like a good one.

Ms. Thomas

well boo! I clicked it and it worked for me...but I know google docs likes to be lame :( I will email it to ya Molli! SDNana what is your email? I will happily send it to you!

Ms. Thomas

Hey!I THINK I fixed it?! Let me know!

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