Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Penguins! Finally!

I have been seeing fabulous, amazing penguin activities on everyone's blog lately! It was perfect since our reading series' theme last week was birds. So, I decided to focus a little more on the adorable penguin. :)
I kept it simple since, I have been overloading myself trying to do all these amazing activities I see when I just need to accept I can't do everything. :( Booo

So, I started with a chart that had what we already know on it. I gave each kid a post-it note and had them write something down. We had read a story earlier in the year about the emperor penguin, so I knew they would have some background knoweldge. I loved how Babbling Abby and Mrs. Carroll did their charts! I just knew making a penguin that cute was NOT going to happen in the 30 minutes of lunch. LOL
Then, we read some books and learned some new things and then they had to write a fact they learned on a post-it note! 

I have to say I was quite impressed with my kiddos!

So, I have been slacking on the writing lately. Mainly because I have been trying out all these different methods and finally found that a simple writing web is the easiest way to go. I also started writing journals for them. They do the web on one side and the sloppy copy on the backside. This is also great since I don't have to make copies!
We summed it up with writing about what we knew, what we learned, and why we like those cute little guys! They turned out adorable!
I can just picture them waddling!

He wrote so much we put it on two and called them buddies!

Don't mind the leftover green paper from the holidays since I decided to use the hot glue gun to get them up there....oops
That is my penguin quick mini mini unit!

Ms. Thomas :)

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