Thursday, January 19, 2012

A main idea freebie!

Our comprehension skill this week was main idea and details. This was a review skill for us. I posted a little bit ago about when we did the main idea chairs. We reviewed that analogy this week and then read our main selection story and filled in a little graphic organizer I made. Here is a little "pick me up" and I hope you find it useful!
Main Idea Chair GO

I did start MY LAST GRAD SCHOOL CLASS EVER today! I graduate in May! HOORAY! That is picking up my spirits!
Happy {almost} Friday!

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Very cute!



Yeah for finishing school! It is great to get it over with (sounds bad, doesn't it? lol)
We did main idea, too, this week! =)
First Grade Blue Skies


Super cute! I love it!
To The Square Inch


I am your newest follower...You have really fun stuff! Come on over to my blog and have a look!

First Grade Fanatic!


Love your ideas! Just found your blog.

Krazy About Kiddos

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