Sunday, July 31, 2011

The yearly Wal-Mart trip occured!

I have been gone for a while, I know. I was at the beach! Huge bummer though, it rained for most of the trip. :( It was still lovely to spend time with my parents and sisters!
The manfriend and my Daddy
Little seester and I

                                  Now to the teacher stuff!

I made my annual pilgrimage to Wal-Mart today. Also known as: My total is what?!? (which did in fact take place) I guess I think I am being smart about what I am buying then all of sudden this is in your cart:
But let me tell you, this thing is Ah. May. Zing. I played with it already, I couldn't help myself. I laminated some of the things I have been making non-stop:

These will be going on my take to your seat workstations. 

I also stopped by Sarah Cooley's lovely teacher blog, and saw her awesome behavior catalog! I tell you sister, I struggle every year keeping up with my little "treasure chest". I never have it updated in time, and then I always forget to pull the names for the raffle. Really, I feel bad for my kids because they deserve it. I love her idea of using simple rewards that are FREE and will motivate. Sarah couldn't upload hers because of the commerical license stuff, so I made my own like she suggested! I called mine "Top Banana Behavior Catalog" keeping with the jungle theme.

I also made punch cards like she said she had for me to keep up with! Each student will get a card and when they do something awesome or go above an A+, they will get a punch. When they get all 15 they pick something from the catalog! I can't wait to see how it goes, I wonder which one will be most popular?
I can't wait to pass these out! Love making these for FREE!

I get in my classroom tomorrow. Yes, it is just over a week till school starts. Yes, I am sort of getting worried. I am going to be a girl on a mission tomorrow!

9 notes to the teacher:

Mrs. Thompson

I got that laminator too! It is the best thing I've ever purchased- especially with our school's laminator being locked up for the WHOLE summer! :)

Adventures in Teaching


I am salivating over your top banana catalog! I need that theme! Where did you get the cutie monkeys?
First Grade Frame of Mind

Ms. Thomas

I know I am obsessed with the laminator, and I agree the one at our school is less than stellar. Ha!

I got the monkeys from scrappin' doodles! They are called baby monkeys! I want to post it, but now am worried about the copyright stuff? And I don't want to put up something that was Sarah's idea first! :)
Thanks for stopping by y'all!!

-Ms. Thomas


I just went and bought the monkey clipart from Scrappin' Doodles. I just had to have them! Thanks so much!
First Grade Frame of Mind

Ms. Thomas

No problem love!


I love this idea! Are you going to post this so we can make copies?!?! Do you sell things on TpT?


Hancock's has the laminator on sale this week for $24.99.

Ms. Thomas

Barbara! Yes I do sell on TPT! There is a button on the left side of my blog that will take you there! I decided not to post these (I was going to for free) because it was Sarah's idea and I don't want to break a golden blog rule! :) I made them very quickly though with just fonts and graphics from scrappin' doodles on powerpoint!


I love this idea! One more thing to put on my "Before School Starts To-Do List!" Thanks!
Christie :)
First Grade Fever

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