Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Starting to get things made!

So, reading everyone's blogs lately inspired me to start making all those signs for the room. I was already working on something new for behavior, then I saw Babbling Abby's adorable behavior chart and was inspired to finish mine! Thanks lady!
I just finished it after getting the clipart I wanted! I like it ALOT! I plan on posting the signs on a large palm tree cutout, and having the awesome behavior signs at the top with the branches and the others down at the bottom. Then, my kids will move their clips to each sign. There are enough signs for A+, A-, B, C, D, and F if you use letter grades. I also included the top sign for those awesome kids in the room. I cannot wait to get in my room and get this done! Pictures will come soon! Here are the signs, I know not everyone can use them BUT if you have a jungle themed classroom take a peek!

Also, my speech to the grad school class went AMAZING! It was such a great experience...who knows maybe one day I will be a professor?? 

5 notes to the teacher:

Wild About Kindergarten!

I can't wait to see your behavior chart! I love it and I am glad I am doing a jungle theme so I can use your incredible work!!

Ms. Thomas

Thanks!! I will hopefully be setting up soon!

Ms. Simoneaux

Love it! Cannot WAIT to set up... PS let me know if you need that leopard chair. If not its going out back ha!


These are soooo cute!!! I'm also doing a jungle theme so these would be PeRfEcT!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Be sure to stop by my blog for some freebies also!
Christie :)
First Grade Fever

Rodriguez Rock Stars

I LOVE your blog and your jungle cuteness. Tried to click on your "Ruling the Jungle" but it said it was in your trash (?). Can you post that again? I'm also doing a jungle theme and would like to use it.
Susan at

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