Monday, August 1, 2011

I heart my teacher BFF!

I got in the classroom today, and it is starting to look good! I did have a fight with the glue gun, but let's be serious it was going to happen. My leg lost the fight. :( I will be posting pics of the room soon!

This post however is about my fabulous teamie! Monica at The Schroeder Page is having a linky party dedicating it to your teamie and how much you can't wait for the new school year!
If you didn't already know my teacher BFF and teamie is Ms. Simoneaux over at First Grade Fresh! She is amazing, so I had to do this! So here it is!

10 Teamie Questions about: Ms. Simoneaux!

#1 How long have you and your Teamie been teaching together?
This will be our second year together. I taught in second grade previous, and then asked to be in first and it turned out to be the best year ever. I can't wait to see what is in store this year!
#2 What is your Teamie's best quality?
She makes me laugh and keeps me sane! 
#3 Who will retire first?
HAHA who knows? We will probably be making and laminating stuff for our daughters who will be teaching with us!
#4 What makes you two an awesome pair?
We work together, and respect each others ideas. I know that she will always back me up. We have the same teaching philosophy too. 
#5 Do you both have any rituals that get you through the day or a hard time?
COFFEE. I have a pot in my room, it is Cafe Thomas and it is on frequently. We also have a sliding door between our rooms. This gets opened A. LOT. 
#6 What is a word that describes your Teamie?
#7 Is your Teamie in the blog world?  If so...what is their blog? (Don't forget to link it:) If not...will this post push them in?
YES! She is! She introduced me to my first blog, and from then on the two of us were hooked. Check her out at 
#8 What is the funniest thing that you and your Teamie had to face at school?
Hmmm. The list is random and long. I will say anything and everything our kids do and perform at recess together. Also, when she watches me and my face reading all of my emotions. She reminds me later and acts it out. Always funny.
#9 Complete this sentence...I would not trade my Teamie for a $1,000 gift card at the Dollar store  because...
It would mean she would not go with me! If I had that much to Dollar Tree, I would need her to reel me in! Our trip to Lakeshore this summer was ridiculous. 
#10 Add a special tribute to your Teamie:)
My darling Ms. S, I cannot wait to begin this year with you AGAIN! I know we will both continue to grow as teachers and there will be tons of laughter and coffee along the way!
What else would we dress up as for Dr. Seuss' birthday?

2 notes to the teacher:

Mrs. Schroeder

Ms. girls are darn cute! In the past I dressed up in all black with a feather boa and a star pinned on my chest with the word "Teaches" in stead of Sneetches for Dr. Seuss Day! Thanks for linking up! I am a new follower and I am heading over to your Teamies blog to follower her!
The Schroeder Page

Ms. Thomas

Wonderful! Such a cute idea for a linky party! Thanks for following! I heart your blog!

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