Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting nervous...

I am very nervous today. I have to present a project this week, and my advisor for grad school asked ME to speak to her class about the daily five?!?! I am still in shock about it. I have to stand in front of a large class of grad students and lecture?? There is a reason I teach babies. :)

But, I am excited to do it because I am so passionate about the daily five especially the read to self component. I forgot to post this but I tallied up all the books we read in our classroom this year and my students (18 of them) read almost 500 books since October!!!!! I beamed, smiled, danced, and screamed with excitement! I am telling you if you have not read this book yet...please go and get it! My students turned into independent readers this year, and I can only think it is because of the sisters!

 To move on with the nervousness, everyone is putting up photos of their classrooms being decorated, and I haven't even started yet. :( We have summer school still going on which is awesome for those kids, but no good for me. AND I could go in next week, but my family and I are going to the beach. Which I would not miss for the world! So, stay tuned for the photos everyday when I get the whole room done in 1 week.....the challenge begins!

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