Sunday, February 12, 2012

What's happening?!

The last week was cray, but I wanted to share some pics with you!
We did contraction surgery!

This was so funny! I called them "Dr. _______" the entire time! I even let them write it like that on their paper! Here is the little sheet I made to go with it:
Contraction Surgery
Other than that we started our America unit from the fabulous Mrs. Jump! This unit is awesome. GO get it! I am planning with Ms. Simoneaux of transforming our hallway into an America wonderland. Stay tuned. It is almost time for Mardi Gras!! We get three days off and I could cry I am so excited! We will be doing activities from my Mardi Gras Mambo unit!
I am also stressing because we have QST this week, also known as Quality Support Team, also known as get out of my room. They are coming to watch me teach Social Studies at 10:00 am. UMMM I teach Reading at the time. But hey come on in and interrupt my day and get my kids of schedule just so you can get your observation in. RUDE. Needless to say, I am not happy about it. So to cheat the system I am doing "Social Studies" but with a Reading connection. I really have the opinion that you come on and you get to see what I do everyday no dog and pony show in Room 103. :)

YAY! Seriously though, thank you so much for going to this little store and even buying something! It means so much to me! The sale is until tomorrow! 

Happy Sunday!

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Happy TPT Anniversary!!

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Love this freebie! Thanks! I would love it if you checked out my blog- I'm also having a giveaway at the moment. :)

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Happy Anniversary!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer)

Happy Anniversary!
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Happy TPT Anniversary!

Like you, I HATE it when THEY come to observe whatever they want to observe at some random time they have selected. If they are supposed to be experts about children and such, shouldn't THEY understand what kind of torture it is to little ones when their routine is disrupted??!!

I have autistic kids in my class. They flip out when their routine is changed.

Sorry to vent, but I feel your pain.

I can't wait to see pictures from your America work. I love Deanna's Statue of Liberty drawings. I'm hoping to tackle that this year with my class. But I'm scared! My kids only know how to draw triangle people. :0


Ms. Thomas

Thanks for the warm wishes!
Andi! I totes understand, it's awful. But I will grin and bear it HA! And do the drawings! I didn't think they would work out, but they turned out awesome! I was surprised because like you said my kids like triangle people too!

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