Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's, America, and others!

And the marathon begins! I wanted to share all the stuff we have been doing this week and past weeks, that I have not managed to take pictures of....we all know what I am talking about. 
So here we go! 
Here is all of our America stuff we have been doing. Thanks Mrs. Jump for the amazing unit....did I tell you to buy it yet? O I did? Well telling you again!

Got this adorable door from the fabulous Cara Carroll!

These turned out so amazing!

The foot! Wow was totes not expecting it be this big.

Also from the fabulous Cara Carroll!
And we started money last week! 
We did a schema chart! And the bubble maps are from I really must love her! I do!
We also started our reader's response last week! This is from my Ready for Reader Response pack on TPT. 

I am just letting them grab a sheet whenever the finish a book! It's great before AR quizzes. 
We made this little anchor chart today...
I don't know why he looks mad?!
And we did these ridiculously funny moustache creations from Abby! Loved them! I decided though since I have some very girly girls they would not go for the moustache so I did "__________ lips are not sealed!" and they put big ol' lips on! The loved it!

If you would like the lips are not sealed me! :) 

Can't wait for the sweetheart snatcher tomorrow! Happy early Valentine's Day!

*Also EVERYTHING in my TPT store is still on sale till the end of the night!*

3 notes to the teacher:


Super cute!! Love the lips are not sealed!!

The First Grade Dream


Cute! I would love the lip one!! :)
We are also doing the sweetheart snatcher too!! Can't wait!
❤ Sandra
Sweet Times in First

The Teacher's Treasure Chest

Love this!!!! I'm heading over now to get some of these units!!

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